Senior Year

Sports Banquets

The end of season sports banquets are typically organized by parents of the senior athletes. These banquets can be held at the Tantasqua High School Cafe or The Barn in Sturbridge. All other locations need to be approved by the Athletic Director ( These are paid for by the athletes families with a per person cost of usually $20-$30. 

All invitations, decorations, payments are handled by the parents. Tantasqua Regional High School, The Booster Club, and Coaches are not responsible for the organization of these banquets.

Senior Athletes Banners

Senior athletes have typically had banners created for their final season representing THS. This is organized by a senior parent. Photographs of the senior will need to be taken or submitted to the parent(s) in charge. (For uniformity most parents opt to take the photos on the same day)  

Payment for these banners is the responsibility of the athletes families to submit prior to ordering.

Banners can be purchased for an estimated cost of $25-$55 each either with an online store or local vendors/printers.

The banners are hung at all home games so the earlier they are done in the season the more they are seen.

Senior Sports End of Year Banquet

The Booster Club proudly supports the Senior Sports Banquet held in May each year. All senior athletes receive free admission with additional family members paying an estimated $25.00 each. This banquet is typically held at The Publick House Tent due to the size of the senior athletes class. 

The organizing of the banquet is done by senior parents with the assistance of the Booster Club. 

Senior athletes and their families will receive their printed invitation in the mail and are responsible for responding to the event. Each athlete is recognized for the sport(s) they participated in during their senior year at Tantasqua.